Our research spans multiple industries and the process is comprehensive, bottoms-up and systematic. We begin by maintaining an active watch list of potential ideas. We then dig deep into the fundamentals of both a particular company and its respective industry, to get a strong understanding of the historical, current and future trends. Most importantly, we interview a variety of industry sources to get their perspective on the relevant trends and issues. The building of a detailed financial model is essential to understanding the potential for and timing of earnings-driven catalysts.


More specifically...

We are looking at secular tailwinds and headwinds, changes in the industry's or company's fundamentals, structural changes in the business model, accounting quality, balance sheet and cash flow, valuation, management, and market inefficiencies where the sell-side doesn't understand the true drivers of the business or the current issues affecting the company. We take pride in providing unique viewpoints that others have not picked up on. Understanding how reality is likely to differ from expectations is the key to our successful idea generation and our proven performance.