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Clinical Trials

Where science meets hope

Welcome to the registration portal for clinical trials with Connected Research & Consulting, where you can contribute to making hope a reality!

Our mission is to advance healthcare by connecting individuals with innovative clinical trials that have the potential to transform lives - and signing up is easy! Just follow the steps you will find below in order to get started.

By joining our community, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking medical research and help shape the future of healthcare by participating in cutting-edge clinical trials. Your participation is vital in helping researchers discover new treatments and improve health outcomes for everyone.

Join Connected Research & Consulting today and be part of the future of medicine!

Fostering engagement in healthcare

Fostering engagement in healthcare involves actively involving patients, healthcare providers, researchers, and stakeholders in collaborative efforts to improve health outcomes and enhance care quality. This includes prioritizing patient perspectives in decision-making, promoting shared decision-making with healthcare professionals, empowering individuals through health education, engaging communities in public health initiatives, fostering research collaboration, and leveraging technology for better communication and care coordination. By focusing on engagement across these areas, healthcare systems can achieve greater patient satisfaction, improved health outcomes, and more effective resource utilization.


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Register via the form at the bottom of our website.


We will send you a link within 3-5 working days if we think you are suitable for clinical trials.


We begin your program as a clinical tester.




Once selected for a trial, you undergo various tests and procedures according to the trial protocol. This may involve medical examinations, diagnostic tests, drug administration (if applicable), monitoring of symptoms, and follow-up visits. The testing phase aims to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and potential side effects of experimental treatments or interventions.

Many clinical trials offer compensation to participants for their time, effort, and any inconvenience caused during the trial period. The compensation can vary greatly depending on the nature and duration of the trial, the degree of involvement required, and the associated risks. Some trials can pay as little as $200, while others can pay up to $5000.


The first step to participate in clinical trials is to register using the form provided below. Registration involves providing your personal information, medical history, and possibly other details such as specific health conditions. This step helps match you with appropriate trials based on your eligibility criteria.



Thank you! We will send you a link within 3-5 working days if we think you are suitable for clinical trials.

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